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Mo's Famous Italian Beef Sandwiches Piled High with Provolone Cheese and Served on a Hearty Gonella Bun


The Rizzo: Italian Sausage Topped with Sweet Peppers • Marinara Sauce and Swiss Cheese


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36 Flavors of Ice Cream

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How the Italian Sausage Came to Be

In Italy there is no such thing called "Italian Sausage" but the term "Italian Sausage" has emerged in the US, and it has a specific flavor profile. Called sosizza in the language of the mean streets, restaurants, and in Italian-American kitchens, it is a thick tube of coarsely ground pork sausage in natural casings, with a distinctive flavor from fennel seed. It comes in three flavors, sweet, mild, and hot. The main difference is the amount of hot pepper added, although some of the sweet blends include basil, and the heat and other seasonings vary significantly from butcher to butcher.

RizzoItalian Sausage is a versatile ingredient and it commonly shows up on pizza, in red sauce with mostaccioli, in bean soups, and in bread stuffings. But it is in its greatest glory in sangwitches with peppers and onions on a steamed bun.  

We here at Mo's call ours the "Rizzo" a classic Italian name for the classic Italian Sausage Sandwich. The Rizzo is a grilled sausage, topped with sweet peppers, and smothered in marinara sauce and sprinkled with swiss cheese.

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